Get setup up quickly with our Startup Web Design Package

Startup Web Design Business Package


Silicon Burg was founded on two core Missions:

To be at the forefront of innovative technology solutions, to help tech-preneurs bring their ideas to life, to give established businesses the cutting edge to expand, grow and use our capabilities to make lives better.

As an ICT company, to provide our clients with the best skills, technical expertise, services and products in our industry in a professional manner.

The Silicon Burg team consists of experienced business orientated individuals who are creative and original. Take the next step forward with us as your trusted ICT partner.


Startup Web Design Business Package

Get setup up quickly with our Startup Web Design Package

Value Services

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially the process to drive traffic to your site. Silicon Burg can help you in various ways such that when a potential customer is searching for your genre of services and products they will find you.

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QR Codes

QR codes are an effective way to perform a variety of marketing functions to direct an audience to you. Give Silicon Burg the nod and we will set it all up for you.

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Social Media

Social Media, if used correctly, can be the springboard you need. Silicon Burg can guide you through the various platforms, find the ones best suited to your company, sync the relevant ones so you can engage on a regular basis and help you strategise for every campaign.

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Hosting Packages

Silicon Burg has various hosting packages, depending on your e-mail (Hosted Exchange) and website needs. Silicon Burg boasts a 99.9% uptime. Rest assured that your site will be on a secure server and that it will be online at all times.

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Cloud Services

Silicon Burg can assist on a more advanced level with a cloud server. Cloud servers are specifically engineered around superior performance, availability and data protection. You will never have to worry about virtualization, server hardware or data-center facilities again.

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Data Services

By putting your data in the cloud (Hosted Data Backup), you and your employees can have access from anywhere. This also means your files and folders are securely backed-up. Your business data can be restored in minutes in case of theft, loss or corruption to your existing hardware (desktop, laptops or servers).

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